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Make Sure Your HVAC System Is the Right Size

When it comes to buying a new HVAC system, there are many different aspects to think about. There’s price, brand, type, features, and more. One of the most important aspects to pay attention to is the size.

If you are in the market for a new HVAC system, let Worcester HVAC help you find the best solution for your Montgomery County home. We have the knowledge and experience to help ensure that your family is comfortable and your system is working efficiently.

Why It Matters

If your HVAC system is too small or too large, it can affect your system’s ability to do its job. Summer’s in Worcester can get pretty hot. You want to ensure that your HVAC system will keep you and your family comfortable.

Too Small

If your system is too small, it will have trouble cooling your entire home. An air conditioner that is too small will run constantly trying to cool your home to your desired temperature. This will use more energy and cause your utility bills to rise. Your system will also experience quicker wear-and-tear and may need repairs more often. A system that is too small will also have a shorter overall life expectancy.

Too Large

It may seem like a larger system means better efficiency as it can handle a larger load, but this is not always the case. While a bigger system can create more cool air at a faster pace, it may end up short cycling. Short cycling means that your system will start up and shut down more often because it doesn’t take long to cool your Worcester home. Your system uses the most energy when starting up. Therefore, short cycling uses more energy and causes your utility bills to rise.

Like a small HVAC system, short cycling causes accelerated wear-and-tear as well as the need for more repairs and a shorter life expectancy. Short cycling also reduces your system’s ability to control the humidity in your home. Therefore, if your system is too large, you may notice high humidity levels in your home. If the air is hot and sticky, it is a good sign that your HVAC system is too large.

Ensuring You Get the Right Size For Your Worcester Home

So, if choosing the right size HVAC system is so important, how can you ensure that your new system is the right size? Choosing the right system begins by calculating the load your home will require. The best way to accomplish this is to call on the professionals at Worcester HVAC. We will visit your home and take all the necessary measurements. Then we will let you know what size you need as well as help you find the perfect fit for your home.

To contact Worcester HVAC for help, please fill out the contact form here: https://myhvacteam.com/contact-us/. You can also call Worcester HVAC at 610-287-HEAT. With the proper size system, your family can live in comfort and not have to pay a fortune in utility bills. Get the most out of your HVAC system by contacting Worcester HVAC today.