Assessing the HVAC System When Buying a New Home

Even if you have never moved and bought a new home, you can imagine how confusing and overwhelming it can be. There are countless aspects to think about, plenty of paperwork to fill out, and plenty of organizing and packing to do. However, one of the first steps is to choose the right house. When doing so, one important aspect you will want to pay attention to is the pre-existing HVAC system.

To help you figure out what to look for as well as how to make sure it is ready to run, Worcester HVAC is here to help. Below you will find multiple tips and information to help you make smart decisions and get settled in your new home.

Why It’s Important

HVAC systems are one of the most expensive home investments people make. You want your HVAC system to be able to keep your home comfortable all year long. You also want a system that will help keep the air clean so your family can be healthy. This means that your system needs to be in good health and running efficiently.

Unfortunately, you don’t have any control over how well the previous HVAC owner took care of their HVAC system. This is why it is important to seek out information and ask plenty of questions. Doing so can help save you from the extra expense of having to repair or replace your HVAC system.

Things to Check and Find Out

Learning about these factors can help you predict long the HVAC system will run and how long it will continue to work.

Age of the System – Air Conditioners generally last 10-15 years. Furnaces generally last 15-20 years. Therefore, knowing how old the pre-existing system is can help you estimate how much longer the HVAC system will last. Then you can estimate how much longer your HVAC system will last.

You will also want to take the brand and type of system into consideration as this variable can also affect the life expectancy. Some simple research or a call to Worcester HVAC in Montgomery County can help you determine what to expect.

Maintenance and Repair History – Even though HVAC systems have an estimated life expectancy, it doesn’t guarantee that they will last that long. They have to be properly taken care of. If possible, ask for maintenance and repair history for the HVAC. This can help you determine what kind of shape the HVAC system is in.

Even Heating – While taking a tour of the home, try to pay attention to how comfortable the home is throughout. Are there any warm or cool spots? Uneven heating can be caused by many issues, but a failing system is one of them. However, if you still really like the house, Worcester HVAC can help you fix the issue.

Any Obvious Issues – You will also want to look for any obvious issues such as damaged air ducts, leaks, mold, etc. If you find any issues, be sure to address them.

Call Worcester HVAC for Help

If you do have any issues or concerns about your HVAC system, Worcester HVAC is here to help! You can contact us at Alternatively, you can also call 610-287-HEAT. Unless you are a trained professional, you should not try to make repairs on your own. If your system is not repaired properly, it can lead to more expensive repairs. The best way to ensure your system is ready to run as efficiently as possible is to contact a professional.  

Even if you don’t find any issues and do move into your new Montgomery home, it is a good idea to schedule preventive maintenance with Worcester HVAC. We can help catch unnoticed issues and repair them before they become expensive problems. This way your family can be as comfortable as possible as they adjust to a new life in your new home.

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