Benefits of Converting From Oil to Gas

Nowadays, many people are trying to modernize their homes. They are adding home automated devices, buying newer and better furnishings, and looking for ways to make their home run more smoothly. If you are looking for a useful way to modernize you are home, Worcester HVAC can help. By converting your furnace from oil to gas, you will notice a variety of benefits.


Everyone likes saving. The more you save in one instance, the more you can spend it in another way. When you have Worcester HVAC convert your furnace from oil to gas, you can save in multiple ways.


One of the main reasons why most people haven’t converted to natural gas yet is because the initial cost can be expensive. If you don’t already have your home hooked up to a natural gas pipe, you need to have piping installed, which is expensive. However, once you do have the right setup, you can save more over time. Natural gas is more abundant and cheaper than oil. Therefore, once you have natural gas installed, you will save more on a regular basis.

Increase Home’s Value

As a fuel that is more environmentally-friendly, convenient, and a money saver, homes that are already set up for natural gas are more valuable. Natural gas is a big selling point for potential buyers.


Not only does using natural gas instead of oil provide savings, but it is safer too. At Worcester HVAC your family’s safety and comfort are primary concerns. Here are some ways natural gas is safer.

Clean Burning

Natural Gas burns more cleanly than oil and other fuels used for heating homes. While natural gas, is itself a greenhouse gas, it doesn’t remain in the atmosphere as long as carbon monoxide. When burned, natural gas does give off carbon monoxide, but not as much as oil. When it comes to fossil fuels, natural gas is one of the most environmentally-friendly.

Less Maintenance

Oil furnaces create ashes and debris and therefore need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Using natural grass is much less messy and does not require the same level of maintenance. This makes using natural gas safer for you to use.

Small Chance of Deadly Fume Leaks

Natural gas is safer to store than other fossil fuels. As long as your heating system receives proper maintenance with the help of Worcester HVAC, there is little chance of your system emitting deadly fumes such as carbon monoxide.


Using natural gas is also convenient. It can help make using your heater and running your home more simple for the following reasons.

Use Gas For Other Appliances

Your heater isn’t the only appliance that can use natural gas as fuel. Natural gas can also be used for gas-powered ovens, water heaters, fireplaces, dryers, and more.

Piped Directly Into Your Worcester Home 

Once the pipelines are installed, natural gas will be pumped directly into your home. This means you will have it almost every time you need it and won’t run out. This is unlike oil where your supply has to be monitored and refilled. Once you have natural gas, you won’t have to worry about scheduling gas deliveries often. You can focus on the other important tasks you have to take care of.

Contact Worcester HVAC to Have Your Furnace Converted!

It is important to note that there are some drawbacks to using natural gas. Natural gas is highly combustible, has some environmental consequences, and is expensive to install. However, when it comes to using fossil fuels to heat your home, it can be one of your best options. If you have any questions, want to learn more, or want to find out if oil to natural gas conversion is right for you, contact Worcester HVAC. You can do by through the contact page on our website or by calling 610-287-HEAT. 

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