Benefits of Replacing Your Air Conditioner and Furnace Together

Keeping your Worcester home running smoothly takes a lot of work and money. One of the most important and biggest home investments is your HVAC system. It keeps your home comfortable so your family can be healthy and productive. However, it also makes up one of the largest chunks of your utility bills, if not the largest. With this in mind, you should put plenty of thought into your HVAC decisions and maintenance. 

One aspect you will want to consider is replacing both your air conditioner and your furnace together. Doing so can provide you with a variety of benefits. Read on to learn more. 

Maximize Efficiency

One of the main benefits of replacing your furnace and air conditioner together is improved efficiency. One option you may want to consider is a matched system. Matched systems are designed by manufacturers to complement each other. They work together and use similar parts to maximize efficiency. 

However, even if you don’t choose a matched system, you can still reap the benefits of replacing your HVAC systems together. If you have one old system and one new system, it can decrease system performance and reliability. It can also shorten the lifespan of your new system. This is because the outdated equipment can cause issues for the new equipment. Therefore, if the furnace and air conditioner are both old, you should consider having Worcester HVAC replace both of them for you. 

Save Money

When your system runs efficiently, you will also save money. This is because, with new systems, you won’t use as much energy. Using less energy means lower utility bills.  While the initial cost of installing two systems may be high, they will more than pay for themselves over time. Then you can use the extra money you save to improve the comfort of your Worcester home even more. 


The comfort of your Worcester home depends largely on how reliably and efficiently your HVAC system is working. With two new units that work well together, you are sure to experience maximum comfort. Then your family can get good rest, be healthy, and be productive. 


Getting your furnace and air conditioner replaced at the same time is also convenient. You only have to have a Worcester HVAC come to your house once instead of twice. This makes the process easier for you and us. If you have children or pets that need to be tended to or a busy work schedule, this can be especially helpful. 

Won’t Have to Worry About Repairs

With brand new systems, you likely won’t have to worry about repairs any time soon. This can provide you with peace of mind and allows you to direct your attention to other important matters. Not having to worry about unexpected repairs is especially beneficial if you are on a fixed income. 

When to Not Replace Them Together

While having Worcester HVAC replace your furnace and air conditioner together is generally very beneficial, there are situations where you may want to keep one system and only replace the old one. For instance, if one of your units is less than 10 years old and is still running efficiently, replacing it doesn’t make sense. On average, furnaces last 15 – 20 years while air conditions generally last 12-15 years. If both systems are nearing the end of their life, it is a good idea to replace both together. On the other hand, if one is still fairly new, this may not be the best option for you. 

If you need help deciding what to do, contact Worcester HVAC for a consultation. You can do so on our website here: You can also call Worcester HVAC at 610-287-HEAT. We will help you find the best solutions for your home.

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