HVAC Tips to Help Avoid Pests

Pests can be annoying in a variety of ways. They can ruin your garden, yard, and patio furniture. If they get inside, they can destroy even more of your belongings such as clothing, rugs, furniture, and walls. If they find sources of food, warmth or shelter on your property, pests can and will sneak through some of the tiniest holes to get to it. With this in mind, you want to avoid having these sources around, if possible or use other methods to deter them.

One place you definitely don’t want to find pests is within your HVAC system. Below you will find some Worcester HVAC tips to help repel pests so you can protect your machinery.

Why It Matters

Whether its bugs, mice, rats, chipmunks, or other rodents, there are a variety of ways pests can ruin your HVAC system. If they get into your outdoor unit they may chew wires, break sensitive components, or build a nest that can block ventilation. They can also block airflow when they build nests in your air ducts. Your ducts can seem like a perfect home to rodents as it is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Pests bring debris, allergens, and odors. Also, most issues caused by pests can be expensive to repair. Therefore, it is important to try and keep critters and bugs out. Here is how.

Seal Your Air Ducts and Vents

As mentioned before, pests can find their way through even the smallest of holes. Therefore, it is important to make sure that everything is properly sealed. This means vents, ductwork, windows, and doors.

Sealing these gaps can also help lower your energy bills as it prevents air from entering and escaping your home. More of the conditioned air will stay in your Montgomery County home and your system won’t have to work as hard to replace the lost air. When your system doesn’t have to work as hard, it also lasts longer.

Get Your Ducts Cleaned

If you want to keep your air ducts clear of rodents, it is a good idea to make sure that they don’t have the materials to build a nest. You can do so by ensuring that your air ducts get cleaned. Your air ducts should be cleaned about every 10 years on average. However, if you have pets or if your family tracks a lot of dirt into your home, you may want to do so sooner. On the other hand, if you have a high-efficiency filter, you may not have to so quite as often.

You will also want to make sure that your air ducts are properly installed and don’t have any holes. If you need help doing so, contact the professionals at Worcester HVAC.

Keep Up With Regular Maintenance

Like air ducts, it is also important to keep up with regular maintenance for the same reason. Regular maintenance also helps you keep an eye on potential issues. For instance, if an animal starts nesting or chewing on the parts of your HVAC system, it can be dealt with before you experience a total system shutdown.

When you contact Worcester HVAC for preventative maintenance, we will thoroughly inspect and clean your system. This way you get the best efficiency and help keep pests out.  

Maintain the Area Around Your Outdoor Unit

Finally, it is important to keep the area around your outdoor unit clear. This means mowing the lawn, clearing away leaves, and avoiding planting foliage near your unit. You can also spray the area with pest repellants to keep bugs and other critters out of the area.

Pest Issues? Contact Worcester HVAC in Montgomery County

Do you already have a pest issue and need help taking care of it? The professionals at Worcester HVAC can help. You can contact Worcester HVAC through our website here: https://myhvacteam.com/contact-us/. You can also call Worcester HVAC at 610-287-HEAT. With a little extra work and care, you can keep your HVAC system pest-free, your air conditioner running efficiently, and your Worcester family comfortable.

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