Make Sure Your Pets Are Comfortable This Summer With Worcester HVAC

Summer is here and one of your biggest concerns is keeping your family healthy and comfortable; this includes your pets. While you know what temperature you are comfortable at, it can be difficult to determine what temperature is best for your furry friends. With this in mind, Worcester HVAC in Montgomery County is here to help. Below you will find tips and aspects to consider to ensure that your pet is cool and happy this summer. 

Figuring Out the Ideal Temperature

Everyone is comfortable at a different temperature. Some people prefer colder weather while others enjoy the heat. Pets can be the same way. There are a variety of different factors to take into consideration when trying to determine the ideal temperature to keep your pet comfortable. A good range is between 72℉ and 78℉. However, you should take your pet’s specific circumstances into consideration when choosing to go with the higher or lower end of this range. 

Other Factors To Take Into Account

Here are some of the main factors that will affect your pet’s comfort in different temperatures. 

Fur Thickness

Think about how you would feel wearing a coat all summer long. If your best friend has long fur, this is how they feel. Dogs like huskies, Bernese mountain dogs, and St. Bernards need cooler temperatures. On the other hand, if you have a short-haired pet like a hairless cat, Chihuahua, or greyhound, they will likely be okay if you keep your Worcester home on the warmer side. However, you may need to set the heat hire during winter months for these pets. 

Pet Size

Both humans and pets lose heat through the skin. Smaller animals have a higher skin to volume ratio, which means they lose heat quicker than larger animals. However, larger pets hold onto heat longer which makes them heat up quicker in the summer. Therefore, if your pet is larger, you will want to pay close attention in trying to keep them cool. 


Body fat helps insulate our and our pet’s bodies. The more they have, the more they retain heat. Therefore, if your pet is more on the plump side, they will require a colder temperature to be comfortable. On the other hand, if your pet is slim, they will likely enjoy a warmer temperature. 

Health and Age

Finally, health and age also have a role to play. If your pet is in poor health or reaching old age, they will get cold faster. During the summer, these pets would likely prefer a warmer temperature. Don’t let it get too hot either though. 

Pay close attention to your pet and look for signals that they may be too hot or cold. For instance, if they are hot, they will likely pant a lot, lay near the air vents, or lay on the cold floors. If they are cold, they may shiver, lay on blankets and pillows, or curl up in a ball. 

Make Sure Your Pets Are Hydrated

No matter what the temperature is, it is important to keep your pet hydrated. The hotter they are, the more they will drink so be sure to check their water bowl regularly. If they aren’t drinking enough, contact your veterinarian for help. 


Summer is a time for vacations. Many people turn back the temperature of their home during vacation to conserve energy. If you are leaving your pet at home and having a friend check in on them, you will want to make sure your pet is comfortable. Here are two great ways to help accomplish this task. 

Smart Thermostat 

A Smart thermostat gives you control over your HVAC system even when you are not around. You can program a schedule for your system to follow while you are away. Many models can also be controlled via an app on your Smart device. This way you can keep your pet comfortable, even when you are not in your Montgomery County home. Contact Worcester HVAC to learn more. 

Schedule Maintenance From Worcester HVAC

Finally, you want to make sure your air conditioner will run the entire time while you are gone. The best way to accomplish this is to schedule preventative maintenance with Worcester HVAC if you haven’t already. You can do so through our website here: You can also call Worcester HVAC at 610-287-HEAT. With a little extra attention, you can ensure your best friend is happy and comfortable this summer.

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