Winterizing Your Worcester Home and HVAC System

Are you ready for snow? While Montgomery County hasn’t experienced too much snow yet, more is on the way. Is your home and HVAC system ready? There are many small tasks involved in winterizing your home.

While you prepare for the holiday season, it is also important to take care of your HVAC system. Doing so will help prevent a break down in the middle of winter. It will also help your HVAC system run efficiently so you can keep your utility bills low and your family comfortable.


When you regularly clean your HVAC system, you can keep it running efficiently. This will help ensure it lasts long as well. Make sure to complete these HVAC cleaning tasks while winterizing your Worcester home.

Clear the Area Around Your Outdoor Unit

If you have trees, bushes, or other plants near your outdoor unit, they likely shed their leaves and branches near your system. After a while, this debris can pile up. This can prevent your system from ventilating properly. It may also invite small animals or insects to nest in or near your system. All of these scenarios can lead to expensive repairs if not taken care of. To help prevent these issues be sure to clear the area around your outdoor unit regularly.

Change Your Filter

If you use a standard 1” filter, you should replace it every month. However, if you have a high-efficiency filter it may last longer. Either way, it is important to remember to change your filter when necessary. Once a filter gets clogged, it won’t block as much of the dirt passing through your HVAC system. If this dirt reaches the sensitive components of your system, it can cause problems. A clogged filter can also block airflow. Keep your HVAC system healthy by changing your filter regularly.

Dust the Vents and Return Ducts

Over time, the dust circulating through your system can begin to pile up on your air vents and return air ducts. Once enough piles up, it can block the airflow coming out of or going into your vents. Dust your vents and return ducts regularly to promote good airflow. Also, be sure to get your ducts cleaned by Worcester HVAC. This should be done about every ten years, or sooner if you have

Don’t Forget Your Chimney

There are few things as relaxing as sitting by a warm fire in the wintertime. If you have a chimney and plan on using it this winter, don’t forget to get it cleaned by a professional. This way your family can be safe and comfortable in your Worcester home.

Inspection and Maintenance

After you clean your system, you should also make sure that all the parts of your HVAC system are in working order.

Look For Any Issues

Most of your HVAC system is likely outside, in the basement, or tucked away. Therefore, you probably don’t think about it often, as long as it is working. However, it is important to inspect your system regularly so you can catch and fix small issues before they turn into major problems.

While inspecting your HVAC system, look for leaks or any noticeable damage. You should also listen for any strange sounds or try to notice any weird smells. Don’t forget to test your thermostat and carbon monoxide detectors as well. If anything seems wrong, contact the professionals at Worcester HVAC for help.

Contact Worcester HVAC, If You Haven’t Already

It is also important to get preventative maintenance performed on your HVAC system at least two times per year. Many HVAC owners choose to do so once in the fall, and once in the spring. If you haven’t had maintenance performed on your HVAC system yet, call on the professionals at Worcester HVAC in Montgomery County.


Proper insulation helps keep the warm air in and the cold air out. Perform these tasks to help keep your HVAC efficient and your family comfortable.

Make Sure Doors and Windows Are Sealed

A majority of the warm air in your home escapes through the doors and windows. Help minimize the amount of air that escapes by properly insulating your doors and windows. Make sure the edges are properly sealed and but some thick curtains for an extra layer of insulation.

Protect and Exposed Pipes

Water expands when it freezes. If water freezes in your pipes, it can cause the pipes to burst. This can be stressful and expensive to repair. To help avoid this issue, you should insulate and protect any exposed pipes.

Need More Help or Advice?

If you have any questions or need any more advice for preparing your HVAC system for winter, contact Worcester HVAC. You can do so through our website here: Alternatively, you can call 610-287-HEAT. Have a safe and comfortable winter!

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