Video Pipe Inspections

Accurate, Fast Pipe Inspections

Plumbers once had to do plenty of guesswork to solve problems down in the pipes and drains of a house. These were often educated guesses, but because the plumbers couldn’t see the inside of the pipes, they were still guesses. But those times are gone because of the technology now available that allows plumbers to examine household plumbing from the inside: video pipe inspection equipment.

Worcester Heating & Air Conditioning is the plumber in Eagleville, PA, and the surrounding area to call when you need service that may require a drain camera inspection or a sewer camera inspection. We have a staff of highly trained professionals with the best in miniaturized video camera equipment who can provide service that’s fast and accurate. We offer on-time service in hours, not days, and we aim for 100% customer satisfaction on every job.

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Video Camera Inspection

Modern plumbing equipment uses digital miniaturization techniques to examine pipes and sewer lines from the inside. A digital video camera and LED light are mounted at the end of a long fiber optic cable that the plumber can snake down a drain or a sewer clean out. The cable is long enough for the plumber to inspect the entire length of a sewer line if necessary. The video camera sends back images to a monitor for the plumber to see and record.

This equipment makes many plumbing jobs faster and more precise. Here are just several ways plumbers can put this technology to work:

  • Finding the exact location of hidden leaks and determining the best way to fix them.
  • Examining the nature of clogs deep down in the plumbing so the plumbers can find the best way to remove them.
  • Determine the general condition of pipes, water mains, and sewer lines for the purposes of repiping.
  • Recording the completion of a plumbing job to show to clients so they know the service was done correctly.

Video Pipe Inspection

You might think you could purchase video pipe inspection equipment yourself, but this isn’t feasible. Not only is this a specialized and extremely expensive tool, but it also requires training to operate and interpret the results it sends back. When you have plumbing concerns in your house, you only need to call our plumbers and they’ll do whatever work is necessary to solve the problem fast and determine whether doing a drain camera inspection will help them out.

Sewer Camera

Nowhere is video pipe inspection equipment more helpful than when it comes to a sewer camera inspection. Sewer lines are hard to access without digging up property to reach them, so sending a camera down through a clean-out to examine them for damage or root infiltration saves time and returns quick answers. When you believe you have a damaged sewer line, call Worcester Heating & Air Conditioning and we’ll use a sewer camera to diagnose the problem and come up with the best solution for the problem. We’ve built our reputation in Eagleville, PA on our superb customer service and getting jobs done right the first time.

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